About Running Shoes Without Laces.

The reason for starting this website was actually that I’d collected so many trainers without laces that it seemed to me a great idea to investigate a bit more. It all started of with the Reebok pump sneakers. They where so out of this world that they became the starting point of my love for laceless sport shoes.

Besides that they are easy step in step out shoes, I found them designer wise great and they always stood out, different. Something I liked. I hated those shoe laces, they where always lose at the moment you could do without. In the middle of the street, in one hand an icescream and the other a newspaper… Or at a meeting, not exactly the place to bend down and tie your shoe laces. Etc. for sure you know your own embarrassing moments.!!!

In the end I decided to go for laceless fashion sneakers all the way. Comfortable, sometimes with a Velcro enclosure, other times a simply slip in open trainer. It is not laziness that brought me to the sneakers without laceless. No it was in most cases the design.

The design of the running shoes I was wearing was often so outrageous that nobody wanted to buy them. And therefore I could always find them cheap and half priced or even more. Some silver shoes I remember I got from the market, cheap but super cool. And of course my spider men Nike running shoes without laces. Officially called. Nike Kukini. Compfy shoes that lasted a long time.

I’m not really a fashion person, but I love to go for a good shopping for shoes. I don’t care about my trousers much, or my jacket, but when it comes to trainers I have a specific taste. It’s either I like them or I don’t. It isn’t the make either. I do not really care if it’s a Nike, Reebok or Puma or an unknown make somewhere made in China or Vietnam. As long as they fit, are comfortable and great in design I will go for them.

I show you some of my running shoes without laces. All gone and used up.

My used up Reebok Pump Fashion Sneakers Without Laces.

My used up Reebok Pump Fashion Sneakers Without Laces.

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