Diesel Men’s Metro-Poliss Fashion Sneaker – no laces.

Diesel Slip on fashion sneaker metropoliss

The first time I visited New York I went to the newly opened Diesel store. A huge building with a truly unique approach towards fashion. I’m not a fashion addict but I can appreciate beautiful things. Diesel did something that I had not seen before. It used unusual combinations like fake fur and suede or bomber jackets with funky colours and leather.

Diesel brought casual fashion to the next level and had the guts to use denim not just for working clothes but also for clothing that could be worn during a opening of an exhibition or a job interview.

The Diesel Metro-Poliss laceless shoes have the same quality. The are just a bit more stylish then the ordinary slip-on sneakers without overdoing it. The step in step out fashion sneaker has a padded collar and an elastic goring for one-and-off ease. You can choose between different flavours.

Renzo Rosso the Co-Founder of Diesel started to work as a production manager at the company Moltex. Under his leadership the company grew and after a couple of years Rosso wanted to leave the company to start his own. But in the end he stayed under the conditions that he could change the company into what we now called Diesel.

Rosso choose the name Diesel because the word had more or less the same pronociacion all over the world and a sensation of roughness. Diesel was a new thing too during the 70’s and represented an alternative.  Diesel stayed during the years a brand that stood for a casual wear with an alternative feel. It crossed the border with the luxury market and gave casual wear a new image.

Still Diesel stands for the words Freedom and Change. It produces more then a 3000 new products each season and is constantly innovating the market with new and creative design.


Luckily I can buy Diesel at Amazon today and I don’t have to travel to New York any more to find something special.

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