Funky Salomon XR quicklace system sneakers

Salomon XR woman quicklace system sneakers

Salomon XR quicklace system.

Although the Salomon’s XR Mission Running Shoes do not exactly fit into the category of laceless sport shoes they are coming close with their unique quicklace system which makes them perfect and secure for running.

The XR running shoe series became extremely popular thanks to it’s quicklace system, both for men as for women. With almost 1500 customer reviews and an average of 5 ½ stars it’s one of those sneakers that raised the quality of running shoes.

Besides the quality and comfort as a running shoe the trainers are funky as hell. They could almost be marked as fashion sneakers and can be worn as such. Even for those among us who do not run a 5k weekly the Salomon XR running shoes can be fun and a perfect addition to our shoe collection.

The Salomon XR quicklace system for Woman.

The Salomon XR Mission Womens sneakers are made from mesh and available in a variety of colors. The funky colors are not only fun but as every runner knows it’s important to be seen in the dark and a colorful outfit will help drivers to spot you from a distance.
The Quality of the shoe is as said superb. The materials used are great, the sneakers are light and breathable, the comfort of the quicklace system gives your feet the right tightness and support that you need. Easily done, no hassle at all. The shoes are comfortable, and gives a good support to arch, heel and toe, something that’s essential for running and jogging.

Salomon-Ski-boot-SX-92-EquipeThe Salomon factory started in the French alps under the supervision of the Salomon family in 1947. For a long time it maintained an independent business specialized in ski’s and equipment. Salomon had made quit a name for itself in manufacturing ski boots. In 1997 the Adidas group bought Salomon and they started to produce high quality running shoes with th XR Mission series of today as one of their best designs.






funky Salomon XR quicklace system running shoes for woman

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