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Furoshiki sneakers wrap shoes for comfort yogaFuroshiki sneakers wrap around your feet shoes.

The Furoshiki sneakers by Vibram are inspired by the Japanese art of wrapping.  The Japanese are masters in wrapping up packages and who doesn’t know the art of origami. Folding paper into beautiful animals, flowers and other natural forms. Vibram had a good look at the Japanese tradition. The word Furoshiki (風呂敷) stands for a Japanese way of wrapping cloth. It is traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods.

The tradition goes back to AD 750 when the Japanese had the practice of bundling up their cloths when going to a public bath house. As to prevent a mix-up of other bathers’ cloth people started to wrap their own cloths in a personal way. Eventually the Furoshiki was adopted and served as a means of wrapping and decorating gifts.



The custom made feel of the Furoshiki Sneakers.

The amazing clever idea of wrapping fabric around your feet may be old, but Vibram just gave it a new impulse. You can adjust the trainers just as loose or tight as you want which gives these Furoshiki sneakers a huge custom made look and feel. The yoga or fitness trainers do not only have a great flexibility but also look great. You can choose between five different fabric designs.

The Furoshiki sneakers are made of a hard sole and thin flexible “wings” which you wrap around your feet. You close the shoes around your feet with an easy Velcro closure system.  This comfortable way of putting on your trainers makes the Furoshiki sneakers ideal for yoga and fitness. But of course you can use the trainers with ease indoors as well.



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