Leader Show red running shoes for men.

Leader Show men's red running shoes without laces

Leader Show red running shoes for men without laces.

The first thing that makes the Leader Show sneakers special is; they are completely red, even the sole is red. Is this because they are made in China? Amazon doesn’t say they are. Nevertheless the red running shoes are a great eye catcher.

The sneakers are easy to slip into, no hassle with shoe laces. The fabric of the shoe is made from a breathable mash. There is no leather involved so it’s also a a sneaker option for vegetarians.
The high heel gives your ankles a better protection and support.

Leader Show is a relative unknown brand, but in a way you can see this as a pro. The absence of a label or trademark gives the full color running shoes an even better design. They are simple, minimalist in design which accentuates the color. And you don’t walk around with free advertisement on your sport shoes! The Leader Show Men’s High Top Breathable Running Shoes are available in three colors; Red, White and Black.

I prefer the red running shoes as they are more of a statement then the white and black versions. White is always difficult to keep clean, the black ones are a bit to serious. But depending on the rest of your wardrobe, The black and the red trainers are probably the best choice. The have a chic look about them, this in contrast to the price. The Leader Show sport shoes are cheap, the designer sneakers are sold for around $25,00 a good price.

The red sport shoes are advertised on Amazon as being Fashion Sport Athletic Sneakers. A bit of both. They are suitable for any occasion, running, or daily walking.

red sneakers without laces

Leader Show Men’s Red running shoes, Fashion Sneakers for daily use.


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