New Balance country walking shoes

New Ballance country walking shoes with no lacesThe New Balance walking shoes, produced under the name MWM756 Country Walking shoe was first sold on Amazon in October 2011. The Slip-in sport shoes are eligible for Amazon’s 30-day returns policy and have a Prime or FREE Shipping which is great if you’ve bought the wrong shoe size by mistake. The design of the New Balance country walking shoe is exactly what it is, a good comfy country shoe.

The New Balance 756v2 is a slip-on walking shoe that provides all-day comfort. The use of suede and mesh looks stylish and gives the shoe a honest and casual look. It features  ABZORB® cushioning (A superior blend of foam cushioning and compression set, featuring rubber.), a C-CAP® midsole and an AT® Tread outsole for a better grip.

The technology used for the development of the shoes is amazing. We as consumers though only want to know one thing. Are the New Balance MWM756v2 comfortable sport shoes ? The answer as you can read in the many customer comments is yes. As one costumer puts it “They are a very snug fit, and there is some padding in places you might not expect (across the back of the heel, for instance). Once you get used to this, they are extremely comfortable.”

The shoes will do great as a casual shoe to wear in and around the house as well on walks in the country side as they have a great traction for almost any terrain.


New Balance Men's MWM756v2 Country Walking Shoes

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