Nike Men’s Lunarfly 306 Running Shoes


nike moon lunar sport shoesThe new Nike Lunar fly series has a lightweight and extreme breathable design. The 306 has a cushion underfoot which makes these sport shoes extra responsive and flexible.

The Nike Lunar Fly 306 running shoe is made for a fast and sportive life style. They are easy to wear and their slip in slip out gives you it an easy feel and touch. The rubber outsole gives the a durable and sturdy feel and grip.

It is amazing how Nike is able to surprise us all with new and fresh designs. The Just Do it Nike shoes are available in many color variations. You can find the Velcro Nike sneakers in Blue,Green,Orange and Black for example.

The Nike Lunar trainers are great for running your lap as well as daily casual wear. And they are stylish enough to wear them as fashion sneakers when you’re go for a party or a inauguration.

nike sneakers with no laces velcro

JUST DO IT. a great positive slogan, printed in big letters along the shoes. The Lunar Nike has no laces but uses Velcro which is comfortable and keeps the design simple and clean.
They are great laceless running shoes that are comfortable and fit well.

The Slogan “Just Do It”first appeared in 1988 and was chosen as one of the best taglines that would run along a campaign during the 20th century.
In the eighties Nike was locked in a war with Reebok for control of the sneakers market.  Reebok was looking for the aerobics and fitness market at the 80’s while Nike was looking for a more broader market. Nike wanted to target all people regardless of age, gender or physical state. It lead to what is Nike today. A brand that sells fashion sneakers as well as high quality sport shoes. Funny enough 80% of Nike’s sport shoes aren’t worn for what they where intended for. People buy the runners besides their sport qualities for their design, status and comfort.


The man behind the slogan “Just Do It” recently told the magazine Dezeen that it was inspired by a the words of Gary Gilmore who was sentenced to death for robbing and killing two men in Utah in 1977. When he stood before the firing squad he apparently said “Let’s do this.”
Nike’s promotional team changed this into “Just Do It” and used this phrase to bind advertisements from different sport shoes together. Strange how the advertisement world works. It’s amazing how strong the slogan is, even after almost 30 years the slogan is as strong as ever. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to