PUMA Men’s Carson Runner Slip-On trainers.

Puma-men-Carson-sneaker-without-lacesThe design of the Puma’s Carson Runner are for sportive as well as for casual use.  The lightweight runners have the distinct Puma design. Not to many bells and whistles but a simple stylish sneaker in three colors. The Canvas and handcrafted woven upper layer provides sleek and urban style. Puma took special care to give the sport shoes an anti-microbial sockliner which gives the loafers an exceptional step-in comfort.

The Carson Runners may not be completely water resistant but the sole has a firm grip on the ground with it’s anti slip texture. The sneakers dry quickly though. One of the good points of the Carson Runners is  that they are firm and do not easily slip of your feet, something that can happen with other loafers.

The comfortable slip on trainers are made for casual use. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for a run around the block or in the park. They are steady enough for doing so. The Puma slip-on trainers gives you enough grip for sportive use.

Puma is one of the brands that started early in making sport shoes and later sports wear and accessories. For over 65 years Puma designed lifestyle products that are used in the Football, Running, Golf and Motorsport industry. It attracted the attention of great designers like Alexander McQueen and Mihara Yasuhiro for it’s fashion and sports designs.

Puma sneakers without laces slip on shoes





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