PUMA Men’s Vedano Leather Slip-On Shoe.

Puma Vedano V slip in velcro sneakersPuma is one of the sport brands that not only has excellent sport shoes for all kinds of sports. It also designed good quality fashion sneakers. Shoes that you can wear in other environments then the sports arena.

The Puma Vedano  V is a comfortable and sturdy leather slip on shoe with a hook-and-loop closure.  It is inspired by the race car industry as you can see and feel  with the driver heel and the streamlined silhouette of the sport shoe.

The Velcro closure is very elegant integrated into the design. With the neat Puma symbol on top of the shoe. The Vedano is a decent fashion sneaker  that has a casual look but with the flair of the design we know so well from Puma.

When you look at the Puma Vedano V you see the Puma has achieved something like a miracle. The design is both sportive, chic and casual at the same time. The combination of leather and suede is well chosen and well.
Be aware though if you are planing to buy these fashion sneakers, The leather will stretch a bit over time. But this is the case with most slip on shoes.

The Puma Vedano V has some really nice details and this gives us the classy feel the shoe has. For example the velcro closure has the word Puma written in Braille on it. And the famous Puma stripes are not to flashy but are a discretely part of the shoe design.

The feel of the slip in shoes are smooth and comfortable. If you slide your feet into the shoes the leather embraces your feet as an old friend. Everything about the shoe shouts comfortability. The velcro tabs gives them an easy closure. The shoes are ready steady go and perfect for work, special occasions or just for home. All in all the Puma Vedano V is an all-round fashion sneaker that fits with most “dress codes”.. and fits comfortable.

Puma leather slip on sneakers


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