The Stylish Puma Sneaker Disc SF is back

red puma sneakers disc for men.The Puma Sneaker disc SF.

Puma came with a brand new sneakers disc series. The Puma sneaker disc SF closure system is ideal if you are looking for a Reebok Insta pump Fury alternative. The new fashion sneakers are based upon an older idea that was introduced back in the 90’s. Instead of using laces Puma uses a disc system to make the sport shoes fit comfortable around your feet.

The Puma disc is longer on the market with other series like the Puma Men’s Future Disc Lite Tech series. Tese were launched in January 2014. The new Puma Men’s Disc SF however is more aerodynamic in design then the Puma Sneakers Disc Blaze thanks to the influence of Ferrari. The sleek trainers have the Ferrari Scuderia shield and the PUMA logo at the heel.
You can find the Puma Disc SF in three colors at Amazon. Red / black, black / red and black / white. The black sport shoes have an inner Ferrari yellow color and a black yellow disc as well. All variations have their own unique design.

As for sneakers without laces the Puma Disc SF system is the ultimate. Instead of fiddling around with laces you simply turn the disc on the Puma fashion sneakers and tighten or loosen the sport shoes. It’s an ideal and modern approach that almost puts the sneaker into the league of other gadgets like the smartphone or the smartwatch. Puma shows that they are capable of making high tech fashion sneakers that are not only great in design but in functionality and comfort as well.

The New Puma Sneaker Disc SF.

It’s great to see the sneakers disc closure system coming of age. The older models like the Puma Disc Blaze where a bit bulky. But the new Puma Sneaker Disc SF series are sleek and sober in design, except for it’s colors. As for the product information: The trainers are made from textile and synthetic materials with a rubber sole and a ribbed drivers heel. All in all Puma made another classic!  Sport shoes that you will keep, long after you’ve worn them because you know that they are unique designs.

red puma sneaker disc SF

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