Reebok Instapump Fury trainers


Reebok Pump Fury sneakers

They are back – the new Reebok insta pump fury sport shoes – totally retro.

For those who bought Reebok pump trainers 20 years ago when you were young,funky and cool, now go retro!
Launched in 1994 by Reebok they incorporated two proven technologies – Graphlite and Hexalite – with a new Instapump technology. The flip of a switch instantly inflate a series of chambers wrapping the foot. No more need for laces.

These old blue Reebok pump trainers where my pride and joy and I’ve walked many a mile with them. I wore them for a long time, and used to wear them when doing some gardening or building work long after they where “gone”.

The cool running shoes had a special tying system. You see that great black button on the top of the shoe ? Yes, that’s how you tighten the shoes. You push the black button and the airbags around the shoes will be filled with air and pump up the shoes. The shoe will feel tighter or looser depending how much air you pump in the blue air sacks around the shoes.


My used up Reebok Pump Fashion Sneakers Without Laces.

Last month however one of the dogs took the shoes and bit of the sole and what was left of the shoes. It’s still somewhere in the garden, I leave it like that, we’ve got a wild garden so to find a shoe once in a while is not a big deal. As long as they are old shoes.

I also used the worn out sneakers a couple of times as a still life, they are great a patient objects. Shoes are a classic to draw. Vincent van Gogh made a great painting of his shoes too. For him no easy velcro closure or pump system to tighten the shoes… He had to do with good old laces. And long ones too!


Vincent van Gogh’s old shoes.


The Reebok pump shoes are now available in more styles.
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