Skechers USA Diameter Casual Slip On.

Skechers-USA-Men-Casual-Slip-On-shoesCool Skechers for men.

Skechers made a name for itself in an amazing short amount of time. The company only started in 1992 but has grown as a respected shoe company. If you look at the Skechers page on Amazon you’ll see that their sportive shoes and loafers are highly recommended in the customer reviews.

The Skechers Men Casual Slip On is a crossover of a loafer, a sneaker and a regular shoe. You would think that this combination would weaken the concept of the shoe, that it is neither fish nor fowl but Skechers wouldn’t be Skechers if it wasn’t been able to pull it off. The Casual Slip On is definitely a succes.

The Skechers Diameter design is based on bicycle sport shoes. The dual stitched seam gives the design of the shoe both functionality and style. The whole design is sportive but isn’t misplaced in casual business meetings.

The shoe came out in march 2005 and has proven it’s worth. After 10 years the Skechers Diameter is still popular and highly recommended at the Amazon costumer reviews. With it’s 4½ stars out of 5 and more then 800 reviews it surly scores high on the loafers list and if you re looking for a new pair of easy step in step out shoes it’s worth considering.

If you look at the technical specs, something you normally only do when you’re buying a mobile, laptop or other technical device you’ll see that the Diameter Casual Slip On by Skechers uses old fashioned quality materials. No fancy especially fabricated  foam or plastic. No, the shoes are decent with classic stitches and a soft shoe lining. It has some nice details like the side seams and the stripes that go perfect with the perforation and the canvas edging. The metal studs gives the loafer the design of a class shoe. All in all the Skechers Casual Diameter Slip On is a sportive shoe of high quality for a decent price.

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