Puma Osu NM Cross-Training Shoe

best sneakers without laces puma Osu

Sneakers without laces for men.  The Puma Osu NM Cross

The Puma Men’s Osu NM Cross trainers are definitely one to put on the list for best sneakers without laces.
It’s a while ago since I changed my ordinary trainers into sneakers with no laces. One of my first laceless sneakers where puma shoes and I still love them. No more stumbling over those stupid strings. And believe me I was good at it…. No more tying your laces in the middle of the street.

I love the Puma Osu NM Cross. They are stylish in design and are really comfortable.  Puma Osu sneakers are easy the step in step out shoes and tight enough for a good run.
I love Puma, maybe it’s the sympathetic logo or maybe it is the design but I immediately fell in love with them.

I’m not really a brand orientated person, I buy clothes and shoes I like, not because it’s from a special brand and I hate t shirts with brand names on them to be honest. I’ts like if I was a walking billboard. No I buy sneakers when they are comfortable and have a funky look about them. Sometimes I buy them on the street market but I buy them on Amazon too.

I’m not a 10K runner and mostly I buy my training shoes because I find them cool looking. But besides looking great they have to be good quality shoes too. So most of the time I end up with professional running shoes or athletic trainers.

Nowadays trainers without laces are real fashion sneakers. They are designed for comfort, health and style. Not only functionality counts today but personality too. If you want to buy sneakers without laces then you have a lot of options. Although you would think that most laceless shoes are using a velcro closure (the ones with a loop and hook system), there are many other alternative closing systems as well. like for instance the zipper closure system of the Puma Haast

The last time I bought sport shoes, I bought them on Amazon, because I couldn’t find them near the place where I live (on the countryside in Spain). After a bit of  window shopping I finally bought the PUMA Men’s OSU Canvas Running Shoes. The ones you can see on the picture. I read a lot of good reviews about them and thought they looked cool too. And I have to say I don’t regret my purchase. I think that they are one of the best laceless sport shoes I’ve come across since a long time. But that´s a personal opinion.

The easy hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to use the shoes for a daily run. Puma is the global athletic brand that successfully fuses influences from sport, lifestyle and fashion. With the Puma OSU NM training shoes I think they made some great sneakers without laces that are well fitted for running or daily use.

Puma-Osu-NM sneakers without laces.

sneakers without laces for men.

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