Tesla Men’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes

tesla lightweight running shoes menCheap lightweight running shoes.

The TSLA Lightweight running shoes have been amazingly well received over the last few months. Tesla, well know for it’s innovation and new approach towards running shoes, exceeded itself. The lightweight running are easy to wear and comfortable for the feet. As the TSLA sneakers fit closely around your feet you have to take care of the size you are ordering. But with Amazon you know that you can always return the product and ask for a different size.

The TSLA (not Tesla) light weight running shoes come in 15 different colors! And for the price tag, these $20 sneakers are really cheap running shoes without laces or velcro. The easy step in shoes by Tesla are super comfortable in use and extremely light. The soles are also flexible to allow the participation of all muscles of the feet while running, the benefit of bare foot running with sufficient protection of the trainers.

The words “pleasantly surprised” keep popping up in the reviews written on Amazon by customers who shared their first impression of the lightweight running shoes. And indeed, TSLA made it possible to buy $20 sneakers which are comfortable and in a variety of colors to suit your own style of clothing.

The specs of the TSLA lightweight running shoes.

As TSLA states it : The sneakers are a hybrid-syle shoe optimized for running and daily activities. TSLA strongly recommend ordering half a size up if you want to use socks. For a tighter fit on your feet or of you go barefeet you can order the normal sizes. The sneakers will loosen up after a few hours.
The sport shoes are feather light (5.5oz – 143gr) which is great and provides a sensation of being barefoot for a more comfortable and natural walk. A size 7 is about 5.5 oz and size 10 6.70 oz.

The fabric is made of hydrophobic vent-mesh to keep your feet cool. The unique duel vent mesh offers breathability and is quick drying to give your feet more comfort. The Synthetic skin increases the durability of the shoes and is stain resistant.
The sole is made to have an excellent traction and stability on a variety of terains. The multi-directional flexible groove of the sole and the cushioned insole gives a good balance.

Overall, TSLA Men’s Loafers are a comfortable and stylish option for casual wear. They are a good choice for people who are looking for a shoe that is easy to slip on and off, is breathable, and provides good traction.

tesla lightweight running shoes without laces.
TSLA Men’s lightweight running shoes without laces.



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